How to measure your wall

It's easier than you think! 

Take your measuring tape and note down the widest width and the highest height of your wall. We only need wall measurements, don’t include any skirting board or coving.

We will print your wallpaper 1-2% larger than the dimensions you give us to allow for adequate excess paper for trimming. This will make installation easier and safer.

Walls with obstacles

If there is a door, window or any other obstacle on your wall, make sure to still only measure the walls total width and total height as the obstacles will simply be cut around during hanging. If you are worried your obstacle may impede of you murals focal point, contact us and we can reposition you mural to make sure the focus point is visible on your wall

Self-adhesive wallpaper instillation guide

1. Remove approximately 25cm of the backing paper to expose the adhesive surface.

2. Line the edge of the paper up with the edge of the first panel.

3. Apply pressure to the join to fix it to the wall.

4. Moving from left to right apply pressure to the rest of the panel, fixing it to the wall.

5. Remove a further 25CM of backing paper.

6. Apply pressure left to right fixing the panel to the wall.

7. Repeat this process until the panel has been applied.